The Association of Photographers “Eurasia” has the status of a national Operational Manager of FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art). It can confer international honorary titles of FIAP. We have also developed honorary titles of the Association of Photographers “Eurasia”.

For us, there is no distinction between amateurs and professionals. A resident of any country can become a member of our organization.

Joining the OM “Eurasia” club membership, you get the following:

  • We closely maintain contact with foreign colleagues and organizers, while maintaining the opportunity for Eurasia members to participate and receive awards in foreign photo contests
  • Discounts for participation in photo salons
  • Opportunity to participate in the national team of photographers of the Russian Federation, as well as the OM Eurasia club at the FIAP World Cups
  • Assistance in the selection of works for competitions and supervision of the process from the team of “Eurasia”
  • The possibility of obtaining international titles of FIAP and the Association of Photographers “Eurasia” in fulfilling all the requirements

How to join OM “Eurasia”?

To become a member of Club EURASIA (Association of Photographers “Eurasia”) it is necessary to write an application for the organization and send it to our e-mail. A receipt for payment, passport scans (registration pages and photo pages) and a 3×4 photo can also be sent by e-mail.

Photo requirements:

  • No selfies
  • The face is clearly visible, in full face, with good lighting
  • no extra items in the face
  • high quality if possible

Everyone should register on the site under their first and last name. Next, put 12 of their best works in the personal profile of the site for consideration by the Eurasia AP Commission. After approval of the candidate, they must pay membership fees in the amount of:

Annual participation – 2800 rubles ($40 USD);

Lifetime membership – 6800 rubles ($100 USD).

!NB! Future members who are Eurasian champions and/or who have fulfilled all the requirements for the APE titles receive a certificate automatically after payment. You do not need to send a portfolio for consideration, however, it should be downloaded for the general photo storage of Eurasia.

It is possible to pay contributions by transfer from the card to the bank account, indicating in the bank’s application the details of the Eurasia AP (the details of the current account are in the sample receipt below). We offer other payment methods as well, to learn more please contact eurasia-photo(at)

All members will receive certificates and will use the services of the Association. Please note that for life members, certificates will be in leather binding, for all with an annual membership – from bonvinyl. Also, each member of the eurasia club receives a badge in accordance with the rank.

Participants paying annual fees become permanent members (for life) after three years of regular membership.


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