Creating a bedrock for talented minds worldwide

Together we have helped a little over 56 creators to become photography World Cup holders. Dozens of previously unknown and masterly photoartists accomplished worldwide acknowledgement on our team. 

Association of photographers “Eurasia” prides itself in being the first Russian organization to expand into the foreign world. Our goal is to spread the love for art photography and bring the likeminded lot of people closer together both nationally and worldwide. We hope to promote the aspiring talents and help them achieve the top of their artistic and technical proficiency. 

We have no prejudice as to who to accept in our ranks. You can both be an accomplished ten-times-world-cup-winning photographer and simply someone with hopes to become one one day. Our doors are open, as long as you share the same values with us and have a strong desire to grow, learning from the best in the industry. 

We strive to help you achieve your best potential. 

Board of directors


Rashid Usmanov (Chelyabinsk), UPR Member, EFIAP

The President’s advisor        

Sergey Majorov (Penza), FIAP liasions officer in Russia, EFIAP

UPR (Union of Photographers Russia) representative

Bogdanovskiy Vladimir (Chelyabinsk),UPR Secretary, Honorary UPR member

Communications Director 

Garipova Elina (Ufa), UPR member, EFIAP

Regional representatives

Anisimov Sergey (Salekhard), EFIAP/g, GMPSA – Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area
Antipov Igor (Kaliningrad), AFIAP – Kaliningrad region
Artemyev Alexandr (Vitebsk), AFIAP – Belarus 
Atremyeva Yulia (Nizjniy Novgorod), MFIAP – Nizjegorodskiy region
Barmina Anastasia (Yekaterinburg) – Sverdlovskiy region
Galiev Rashid (Moscow), AFIAP – Moscow region
Garipova Elina (Ufa), UPR member, EFIAP – Bashkortostan
Grachev Oleg (Sol-Itetsk), UPR member, AFIAP – Orenburg region
Gurilev Alexey (Chita) – Zabaikalskiy region
Dudkovskiy Igor (South Sakhalin) – Sakhalin region
Dymnikov Alexander (Saint-Petersbourg), UPR member – Leningradskiy regoin
Zamorkin Alexey (Stavropol), UPR member – Stavropol region
Ivanov Sergey (Kirov) – Kirov region
Ipekchan Karine (Sochi)- Krasnodar region
Majorov Sergey (Penza), EFIAP – Penza region
Romanov Alexander (Tyumen), UPR member – Tyumen region
Sereda Nikolai (Ryazan),UPR member, AFIAP – Ryazan region
Stanislav Ivanitskiy (Novosibirsk) – Novosibirsk region
Suloyev Alexey (Moscow), UPR member, EFIAP, GMPSA – Moscow
Timoshevskiy Anton (Oryol)- Orlovskiy region
Shubin Dmitriy (Irkutsk) – Irkutskiy region


Albrekht Natalia (Chelyabinsk), UPR member, AFIAP
Bazhenovskaya Anna (Krasnogorsk, Minsk), AFIAP
Belyaev Yaroslav (Novokuznetsk)
Gamanova Elina (Belebey)
Klih Natalia (Saint-Petersbourg)
Petrunina Elena (Chelyabinsk)
Ponomarev Andrey (Chelyabinsk), UPR member, AFIAP
Proshin Vladimir (Moscow), UPR member, MFIAP
Firtsev Sergey (Tyumen)
Chernigina Elena (Nizhniy Novgorod)

*Non profit organization Association of Photographers Eurasia is registred in MoJ of Russia since March 2019.


Office: Chelyabinsk, Pobedy ave, 177, office 215, 454084

Post: Russia,Chelyabinsk, Postbox 8279, Association of photographers Eurasia

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